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    We've mobilized and engaged young adults on behalf of clients in both the private and public sector.

    Foundation for CA Community Colleges

    Providing a mobile college and career planning tool

    California is facing a mismatch between job growth and skilled labor. To help solve this problem, the California Community College System hired YIA to conduct research and produce a tool that addresses this challenge.


    Our research identified an information gap in students’ career and education decision-making process. We created a mobile application called Here to Career for iOS and Android to help more than 2 million California middle and high school students make more informed decisions about their education.


    Today, YI Advisors is continuing to help students and their families navigate educational and career pathways available through the California Community College System by increasing student engagement in the California Community Colleges’ Career Education programs.


    Online targeting of young adults

    YI and YI Advisors spearheaded the #JustGetCovered campaign to spread the word about health care coverage to millions of young adults, working closely with the White House and Enroll America during 2016’s National Youth Enrollment Day (NYED). Working with our large network of partners around the country, including dozens of colleges and universities, we organized over 100 health care education events and trained 2,000 navigators. Our team also developed and shared an online toolkit with campaign assets including example tweets, graphics, sample video scripts, fact sheets, and tips for digital engagement.


    In a single day, #JustGetCovered resulted in 31M+ online reach and 115M+ potential impression. It also generated 200+ media mentions in publications like WSJ, USA Today, NPR, Politico and Vox. Our broader work on the ACA has helped 8 million young adults gain health insurance coverage to date.

    StreetLight Chicago

    Using a mobile to reach vulnerable homeless youths

    Chicago is home to thousands of homeless youth including unaccompanied teens living on their own and enrolled in the Chicago Public Schools system. According to the Pew Research Center, 62% of homeless youths have access to a mobile phone, relying on the device to connect with services, jobs, or schools, and their personal support networks. Supported by the VNA Foundation, we designed StreetLight Chicago in partnership with the Chicago Coalition for Homeless.


    This free mobile app allows users to access emergency services such as the National Runaway Safeline, the Suicide Prevention Hotline, the Rape Crisis Hotline, and the Chicago Domestic Violence Helpline. StreetLight also provides current information on shelter openings for users in need of sleeping accommodations and offers information regarding legal aid, educational resources, and employment information. StreetLight Chicago also sends alerts via push notifications for weather emergencies, program closings, and other issues vital to youth on the street.

    A Place at the Table

    Engaging Millennials on food policy

    Food Policy Action (FPA) was co-founded by celebrity chef Tom Colicchio through a collaboration with national food policy leaders in order to hold legislators accountable for votes that have an effect on food and farming.


    Inspired by an acclaimed documentary A Place at the Table, which told the stories of everyday Americans who struggle, on a daily basis, to feed themselves and their families adequately, FPA has launched a 3-year campaign to make ending hunger in the U.S. a national priority.


    Initially brought onboard by FPA to assess how Millennials are being engaged in the campaign, YI Advisors has provided guidance on how their message can be most impactful with young adults. YIA is also working with FPA to engage the media, philanthropic and environmental sectors to reach young people all over the country and amplify FPA’s mission.


    Giving a platform to the voices of farming’s future

    The face of the farming industry is rapidly changing, not only in age but also in diversity, location, and discipline. YI Advisors launched FarmNext as a joint initiative with a marketing firm Global Prairie to elevate the voice of young farmers on a national scale and to explore the forces behind these trends and to identify the challenges and opportunities facing young food producers.


    YI Advisors organized roundtables, conducted site visits, and listened in on workshops and club meetings, capturing insights from hundreds of young farmers and agriculture students over a three-month period. The stories we gathered were powerful and provided a natural hook for our social media and earned media campaigns.


    The inaugural FarmNext National Youth Summit convened in 2016 at the White House with a diverse group of 80 young farmers, agriculture students, industry thought leaders, and policymakers.

    Capital One Foundation

    Improving students' experience with FAFSA

    Capital One Foundation wanted to help increase student’s opportunity to attend college and find better job opportunities. Specifically, they were interested in finding ways to help them navigate and complete a complicated and at times confusing FAFSA application process.


    In partnership with the Capital One Foundation and Young Invincibles, YI Advisors surveyed students in order to see how they would respond to completing the FAFSA through digital resources, such as mobile optimized websites or interactive online tools. We then developed and administered questionnaires to explore how students think about college, what resources they rely on, who they turn to for information, FAFSA awareness, college costs, and other topics related to completing the FAFSA.


    Based on our findings, YI Advisors created a digital FAFSA toolkit to help mitigate confusion about the application process. We also helped our client address all the various roadblocks students face in completing the FAFSA application process during the Capital One Foundation sponsored National FAFSA Day in 2016.

    Workforce Snohomish

    Recruiting a Millennial workforce

    The Workforce Snohomish is a governing group that represents a broad cross section of the local community interested in workforce development issues. They oversee the implementation, local planning and management of the federal Workforce Investment Act in Snohomish County, WA.


    In order to identify and recruit additional partners and improve Millennial engagements, YI Advisors was hired to conduct research on local youth unemployment as well as emerging trends in the Millennial workforce by sector, age, and average monthly income.


    Workforce Snohomish leaders used this research and analysis to continue their mission of investing government and private funding to continuously increase the global competitiveness and prosperity of local businesses and workforce.

    Mount Sinai

    Reaching young advocates

    Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center was looking engage their young adult patients and community to promote hospital’s cutting-edge work, and to gather intelligence about the budding philanthropists they hoped to recruit as supporters of the hospital.


    After conducting a comprehensive audit of Mt. Sinai’s existing social media accounts and comparing them against those of their peer organizations, YI Advisors shared best practices for their industry on engaging Millennials on philanthropy. We also made recommendations to Mount Sinai on how to build their base of young advocates using their existing social media channels and helped them develop content to optimize engagement with their target audience.

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