• Want to connect with Millennials?

    YI Advisors is a social impact firm specializing in Millennial engagement.

  • 43% of young adults are non-white, making Millennials the most diverse generation in American history.

  • Our Services

    We understand what it takes to break through the noise and drive Millennials to action on behalf of our clients.


    YI Advisors offer difference making insight to our clients about the values, attitudes, behaviors, and demographic characteristics of the Millennial generation.


    We can identify and reach audiences that matter most to our clients through our relationships with hundreds of youth and student organizations around the country.


    We have a proven track record of mobilizing and helping organizations start or expand their relationship with the approximately 80 million potential supporters, workers, and advocates that make up the Millennial generation.


    With experience and subject matter expertise in healthcare, education, and workforce, YI Advisors helps our clients develop messages that resonate with young adults on issues they care about most.

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