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The Story of YI Advisors

YI Advisors is structured as a for-profit and is wholly owned by Young Invincibles. Therefore, all profits generated by YI Advisors go back to supporting the non-profit. This structure of a non-profit owning a for-profit venture is increasingly common as a strategy for diversifying non-profit funding streams. Moreover, some of the largest nonprofits, such as the AARP, operate extensive for-profit ventures that generate revenue and work to support their public interests. For example, “In 2011, AARP’s for-profit arm generated more than $700 million in net income, which was used to cover more than half of AARP’s nonprofit operating budget,” providing a key stream of funding that the organization has used to scale. Following that logic, YI Advisors has immersed itself in a number of mission-aligned projects that have enabled it to contribute substantially to the mission and finances of Young Invincibles.

So what do we do at YI Advisors? One of the long-standing clients of YI Advisors is Cognosante, a “leading provider of healthcare consulting, technology solutions, and business process outsourcing services.” YI Advisors has worked with Cognosante to train hundreds of staffers in the healthcare space and created a mobile app solution to enable more young adults to schedule appointments to enroll in health insurance. In helping expand young adult access to health care coverage, this work serves as an extension of the mission set forth by Young Invincibles. Another example of our work is our partnership with The Foundation for California Community Colleges. YI Advisors worked with the foundation to create an app called Here to Career that serves young adults in the Inland Empire region of California by providing intuitive and personalized career pathway matching features and exposing students to diverse career options available in their area. This information helps students make informed education and career decisions that lead to greater economic opportunities and professional success.

YI Advisors also conducted research for Capital One was focused on available financial aid tools, and gaps in how these tools address student concerns. Specifically, Capital One was interested in solutions to help students complete the FAFSA application, and get the financial resources they needed to attend college and secure employment. Our team conducted secondary research and facilitated focus groups to provide background on how students complete the FAFSA, points of confusion, what resources they use to answer their questions, the effectiveness of these resources, and how they would respond to completing the FAFSA through digital resources, such as mobile-optimized websites or interactive online tools.

Our leadership team have dedicated their lives to working to empower young adults, across a range of issues and campaigns. We know what works and can help our clients get the impact they are looking for. We also are able to draw on the unique expertise of Young Invincibles staff, thanks to a staff-sharing agreement between the organizations. At our core, YI Advisors is about helping young adults find opportunity and success. This type of focus is what makes YI Advisors truly unique as a consulting firm. We bring unparalleled expertise in working with a young adult demographic because that’s our background and our mission.

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